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hey emily thomas featured it's by design in her 31 days of Makers  - October 2014






look what all the cool kids are wearing

that's right! Ellie Holcomb was wearing shimmer earrings by it's by design ahead of everyone! Can you see the etched shimmer earrings in the photo on the left?

and be sure to click on either Polaroid to go check out Ellie's lovely voice.

more cool kids

one of my favorite moments in time with my beautiful girls in their custom it's by design bridal jewelry!


some love from a customer

who wouldn't want to run across this when checking out a blog! I seriously just ran across this and recognized my earrings! Gina of Black Cat Designs 'doodles' in her datebook! Obviously she is one talented artist!

bought these earrings yesterday @ Handmade Market after stalking them on Etsy since last spring! They are even better in person

featured in Cloth•Paper•Scissors

there was that time when I entered a Reader Challenge titled 'all buttoned up' and was selected as one of the winners!

it was exciting just to see my name and design in print!

no prize money • just JOY!


featured in Stringing Magazine

this was my first attempt at publication. It was SO long ago but those earrings were a hit for a long time. I think those were the earrings that I gave to a soap opera actor from The Guiding Light way back at The Duke Children's Classic Golf Tournament. I recorded that show day after day after day that summer! I never did see an actress with my earrings on. That guy probably gave them to his wife!