the GIANT pom pom throw project

There is a yarn lover inside of me. Yarn=warm Yarn=cozy

I think it would be wonderful to be a part of the knitting and crocheting community. I can imagine how relaxing it is to sit with knitting friends in a quaint little yarn shop. I'll probably continue to only imagine that as I cannot imagine another crafting obsession in my life! So I will settle for now, for the occasional project where I can use yarn. And I will imagine, as I'm wrapped up in my blanket with yarn poms, that I'm sitting with my knitting friends in a quaint little yarn shop sipping a latte.

When I first came across this project, it was on one of my favorite Do-it-yourself blogs. Vintage Revivals So for the directions that I used head over to that website and see what I saw. Then come back here for my spin.


My yarn color selection and my 5 inch embroidery hoop.

tassel making

yarn tassel

it becomes harder and harder to pull the heavy thread tightly as you add layers of yarn.

I repeated the yarn wrapping followed by tying it with the heavy thread as follows:

30 times

25 times

25 times

25 times

25 times

25 times

After the last knot of upholstery thread the width of the yarn will be as big as 2 inches! Vintage Revivals blog has some great photos of just how fat it gets!

Cut the yarn near the bottom of the hoop. Cut another piece of yarn about 12 inches long and tie it around the center. This will cover up the heavy sewing thread. You will also be using this to attach the pom pom to your blanket. DON"T FORGET to do this part! I speak from experience when I say that it is very hard to find the center again once you have cu through each end of your yarn pom pom!

making yarn tassel with embroidery hoop.

Here is where your sharp scissors comes into play as you cut through all that yarn!

The first side is a little tighter to cut. The second side is easy.

And don't fret because your pom pom isn't perfectly round. All you have to do is hold it by the long piece of yarn that you tied around the middle. Shake it a bit and fluff it with your fingers. Then trim it with your scissors. I didn't have to trim mine as much as they seemed to do on the Vintage Revivals Blog. But as I said earlier, there is a lot of room for your own crafty interpretation.

I used five colors of yarn to have 5 poms for each end of the blanket. I found a super soft blanket at Home Goods for $19.95. This blanket is like fur, just the softest thing ever!

sewing the poms onto the blanket.

I used one end of the long piece of yarn that I had tied around the pom before I cut the pom. I used a thick, large eyed needle to push the yarn through the blanket. I sewed it through the blanket with a couple passes and then tied the two long pieces of yarn together. Then I trimmed those pieces of yarn just short enough to blend into the pom itself!

pom pom blanket

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