after craft camp - finishing things up

While Craft Camp was a huge success in both fun and crafty accomplishments, I still had some loose ends to call my projects complete!

After the airport run I immediately got back to my kitchen valances.

I forgot to take a photo of my old valances but, they were in the background of a few old pics.

Not very sharp photos but at least you can see the color and style. {They are much more teal and pink than the photo represents}

They were actually pretty awesome when I made them 18 years ago! All I had to go on was a photo of my friend's valances. Julie H had them made for her kitchen in Iowa. I loved them. So I picked my own fabrics and figured out how to construct them.

Time changes styles and colors.

I wanted less of an emphasis on the teal and more of an emphasis on the black and greens.

I added about 5 inches to the length so that I could move the rod above the window frame but still have it come to the same spot on the window. Moving the rods were tedious but with Jeff's help it was a success.

I love the new look.  Especially with the new farm table, black chairs and a bench.

next up...

whatever happened to the baby quilt?

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