1st annual Craft Camp

That's correct! 

It was craft camp at the Peterson home in August.

Holli and her friend Courtney flew in from Nashville. Katie and Daniel drove up from Aiken. Daniel didn't participate in craft camp, he had other things to do in Raleigh and Cary. And Jeff graciously took on the role of camp cook! We even squeezed in a movie at the theater and a fun game of Canasta that we continued each night.

Everyone arrived on Thursday afternoon. The girls shared with each other what we wanted to accomplish. Then we heading out to purchase whatever supplies we still needed.

Holli wanted to make a pillow, cover a pad for a tiny bench, make a couple pillowcases and make new curtains for her bedroom!

Katie wanted to make an apron and some earrings.

Courtney wanted to cover some pillows for her sofa and some for her porch.

I wanted to at least start on a baby quilt and maybe even new valances for my kitchen!

This was going to be a big undertaking as Courtney was learning to sew for the first time and Katie and Holli were adding to their learning curve! We purchased fabrics to go with what we had and found the perfect fabrics for both Holli's windows and mine. We were already on a roll!

 Day 2 when the campers are really getting started.

Holli in the background at the ironing board {sweet child of mine even ironed all my skirts and shorts in my to-do pile}. Courtney is in the foreground cutting out her first pillow cover. Katie is designing and cutting out the first part of her apron.

Katie was 'getting to know' the sewing machine that she got for Christmas from Daniel. Not to mention designing and figuring out how to make this apron WITHOUT a pattern! She's well on her way to being a pro at this sewing stuff!

Here's me making the baby quilt top. Holli did most of this while I was helping the other two. She is good at this piecing stuff! But, I wanted to make this quilt so she saved some of the piecing for me!

And at the end of day 2...

we had a couple pillow covers for Courtney {background}

a pillow case for Holli {yellow bicycles on white}

a pieced pillow for Holli {bottom center}

the front of the apron for Katie {left} and a baby quilt top for me {right}

Day 3

Katie learned how to etch metal, all this while still working on her apron!

First the hole punching

then the stamping

then the actual etching

the finished earrings are fabulous!

Katie is a quick study and has this down now too!

Plus, she has given me new etching ideas for it's by design!

There was lots of 'team' measuring and cutting for the two sets of window treatments.

Even Piper got in on the action! {Holli waits patiently in the background}

and because we were ALWAYS having fun at this craft camp, here is Katie on her magic carpet ride AKA strips of my new kitchen valance!

and MORE fun...

while Holli presses and pins the hem to her curtains, I just stand next to her and entertain!

and now the custom reversible bib apron by Katie...

Katie checking out the reverse side {upper left} just before the front and back were sewn together.  Tucking the bib, neck sash {not quite tucked yet}, and the waist sash inside the edge. Then side 1 of the apron could lie on top, right sides together  for sewing {upper right}. A small opening was left so that it could be turned inside out. After everything looked good and the sashes and bib were released from their captivity, the opening was hand sewn shut.

{arrrggg! the girls learned that lots of projects end with hand sewing}

Both front and back of this apron are fabulous! And yes, that's a pocket on both sides.

We're officially professionals!

 Courtney works on closing the pillow with the hand sewing. Katie and I pose with the finished apron on day 4!

Day 4

Katie had to head back to South Carolina in the afternoon. Holli and Courtney and I still had a full day 5 to finish hand sewing all the pillow closures and Holli's LINED bedroom curtains. That was a big project, mainly because there was so much fabric!

pillows, pillows and more pillows

And earrings that Holli commissioned me to make.

The pearl necklace is a custom order for a special bride that I finished during craft camp. So it became part of the loot!

When the Tennessee girls returned to their homes here's how they showed off some of their projects.

Courtney's sofa pillows and porch pillows {x2}.

Plus a sage green pillow for her sofa.

Lots of crafty additions to Holli's already crafty bedroom. The burlap type fabric curtains are lined with blackout lining. Holli LOVES to sleep in when her schedule allows!

The little black bench that Grampa made when Holli was little now sports a new cushion of salmon and white polka dots {left}. The cute little pieced pillow is backed with the polka dots. It found a home on the palette couch that we made last fall.

The bicycle pillowcases brighten up her new bedding AND hide her guest pillows.

{she and Courtney even built the trunk at the end of her bed}

this little apple doesn't fall far from her mama's tree!

that's it for craft camp 2012

my kitchen valances and baby quilt were not completed at craft camp but they will be blogged about soon!



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