crafty in Nashville

So I've been spending time with Holli in Nashville this week.

One entire week.

Tuesday to Tuesday.


We've shopped, dined, run errands, exercised, and shopped a little more. {yes, exercised, butts and guts at the Y, practically killed me!}

Holli worked too.  She is getting ready to take kids to camp and there is plenty to do in preparation for "the best week of their lives". But, since this was sold to me as "the best week of my life" we've been on the go for days, building up to Holli's 26th birthday. There is so much to see and do in Nashville and we have so much fun together. But let's face it, for Holli and I nothing is as fun as our craft time together.  Holli had saved an idea from a blog and we spent her birthday afternoon on our Book Page Wreath.  We started out by going to a used book store to pick up a book from the free pile.  This is a very inexpensive craft project!

In addition to a couple books, you'll need:

1. a foam wreath

2. craft paint in a some brown is nice

3. a glue gun

4. lots of glue sticks!



The project could be finished in an afternoon but we started late in the day, stopped for snacks and birthday dinner out, and even made cupcakes.  So our wreath wasn't finished until after church the next day.

Here's a few photos we took along the way but, if you want the real directions to do this yourself please refer to the original blog.  She even has a video that we thought was helpful.

aging the edge of the pages with a little brown paint

starting the ring of rolled pages on the back of the wreath

the completed back.

working on the first row from the front

lots of variation in rolling the paper • sometimes in an S, sometimes loosely, sometimes not

 looking good but still a ways to go!

 finished! or did we stop because we ran out of glue sticks!

the original instructions said to glue a piece of ribbon to the back to use as a hanger.  I didn't trust that so we stuck a piece of wire around the wreath and twisted it. Much better!

in it's place!

crafty project in Nashville complete! Two happy girls!

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