The Gospel According to Harry Potter

Just as I suspected I would be, I am behind in my "read a book a month" goal.  I got behind on the third Chronicles of Narnia book which was my April book.  I just didn't take time out to read in any big chunks, therefore the book seemed slow and boring.  That's what happens when you only read for 10 minutes in bed!

So, how does this tie into Harry Potter you ask?  Somehow I think you should be able to tie anything to Harry Potter.  Why do I like everything Harry Potter?  I think it's because it is something our entire family gets excited about.  It's something that ties us together and it's all in fun.  I think we first got hooked when Kirby was in about 6th grade and now he's through college.  So everyone has grown into adults with Harry Potter and we are still entertained by it.  We even went to the theme park as a family last December!  more on that later...

Anyway, when I was visiting Holli earlier this month in Nashville I was browsing through her book shelves and saw this book,

The Gospel According to Harry Potter.

She said she had picked it up at the used books store.  She said I could borrow it so it went straight in my suitcase.  It was back in Cary when I picked it up to read it that I noticed it was the Leader's Guide for Group Study.  As much as I think that would be fun I couldn't imagine who would want to be in my little Harry Potter/Bible group study so I read it anyway.

The guide is really short but there are many scriptures to look up in the Bible as you go along.  I really enjoyed it.  I don't think I actually learned anything new.  I already know right from wrong, good from evil.  But now I really want to read the full book, The Gospel According to Harry Potter.

Today there WILL be a trip to the public library to pick up that book.  That will be my June book, yikes!  It's already June 18th, so probably gonna have to fall into July.  Oh well, I'm reading and that's what counts.

Now for the craft part of my crafty/reading blog:

Last summer I talked Jeff into a trip for the 5 of us to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, Orlando.  We wanted to surprise the kids so I created three invitations to send out with the big news!  We mailed them in October so they would all have plenty of time to let us know if the dates worked with their busy schedules.  They were shocked and awed just as I had hoped!  Here's a few photos of the process of making the invitations.

The sound modules came from an online source.  I recorded The Harry Potter Theme music so that when they opened the left side of the invitation the music would begin to play.  My sister Carol gave me the idea to add the music.

The letter part of the invitation was based on the letter that Harry received when he was accepted to Hogwarts

Lots of friends gave me ideas.  My friend Leeann's husband Brandon suggested I use red sealing wax for authenticity

You Tube was my friend for making the sealing wax a success on the first try!

Ta Dah!

Yes, even the outside of the Priority Mail box had to have a Harry Potter feel.  I downloaded the HP font for free and blew up this owl and scroll image from Google Images.  With a little pass through was ready for the Owl Post!

Here we are 6 months ago 12-19-10 in Hogsmeade! right in the middle of central Florida, USA!

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