Let the Feast Begin!

"Let the feast begin!", said Dumbledore. The golden plates and goblets before them filled suddenly with food and drink.

-Book Three

One of the most joyous and wonderful aspects of life at Hogwarts is mealtime.

It's magical!  How fitting that I should finish reading my June book today The Gospel According to Harry Potter by Connie Neal, just as I am about to pack for a week of Young Life camp at SharpTop Cove in North Georgia.


The meals will seem magical there too. We will sit down in a great Dining Hall and high school kids from all over the country serving as Work Crew, will suddenly appear with the most delicious food for us to eat.

It will be magical like that three times a day for seven days.

We will watch as hundreds of high school kids arrive by the bus load for "the best week of their lives"

They will climb walls, slide down giant water slides, "blob" someone in the lake, go on a hike, play in a hyped up, costume volleyball tournament, challenge themselves on the ropes course and Quantum Leap, and hear the Gospel.  Not the Gospel according to Harry Potter, but the Gospel according to the Bible.

As for my choice in reading The Gospel According to Harry Potter this month...

I challenge fellow Christians who are critics of the Harry Potter books to really take a look at them.  As with most critics, their opinion is formed on hearsay and ignorance.  Most of the critics have not even taken the time to read the story.  Interestingly there is a strong parallel with critics of the Gospel in the Bible as well.  

Many people have rejected or neglected the Gospel without even reading it or seeking out the truth.

I'm so glad that I was open to both!  Just like Harry, we live in a time when the battle between evil and good is growing.  Our best weapon is to know which side we are on and seek that truth.


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