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If you're a guy and you want to impress your girlfriend, I've got the perfect project for you!

My oldest son who is 29 and lives in SC came to visit for a weekend in July.  Much to my disbelief, he wanted to make a headband for his girlfriend who is working in Colorado.

He did all the Google research on the type and size and I had him 'shop' in my huge fabric supply right here in my studio. A fun note is that I purchased this fabric for no particular reason when I was in Colorado a year ago. Since Katie has lived out there for almost a year, she has surely shopped in the very same shop in Salida. Fringe check it out!

We used this Between The Lines blog post as our guide.

While reading the directions, Daniel saw that the headband shown was made for a child so we adjusted our measurements, but not by much.

We cut the large piece {the main part of the headband} - 5 inches x 17 inches

We cut the smaller piece {the part that covers the elastic} - 6cm x 20cm

And the piece of wide elastic - 12 cm long

YES, that is correct, we used inches AND centimeters...   the blog is French!

And as long as we were going to make one girl happy, why not two? So while Daniel worked on one for Katie, I worked on one for Holli as well.

I gave direction, Daniel did the sewing and pressing. When the project was complete he headed straight to the big screen to catch what he had missed in the Womens World Cup.

{No worries here that he's changing his hobbies from sports to sewing} but it sure was fun for a day!

Holli's is pink and gray.  Katie's is green and blue.

Daniel pulling the elastic through its sleeve

It took me awhile to figure out the directions for this part because I had a hard time telling the difference between the right and wrong side of the fabric in the original blog photos. 

I think the following photo will help me with future headbands

the man at the machine!

the finished product!

I folded the widest part in a little for this look, and sent a surprise photo/text message to Holli

maybe I'll get photos of the girls one day...

Blog update

Daniel, Katie and the headband!

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