handmade wedding part three • Origami Kusudama flowers

The second type of flower I made for my son's rehearsal dinner was an Oragami design called Kusudama. Kusudama is a modular Oragami flower that is made in units. It seems to be most common to make a 5 unit flower however, I made mine with 6.

PS I LOVED when my dining room table was covered with these beautiful bouquets leading up to the wedding!

Here's how it's done:

  1. cut a 4 inch square
  2. fold in half as shown • use a bone folder or the dull side of a table knife to make the crease sharp
  3. fold the right corner up to the top and make another strong crease
  4. repeat with the left corner

5.  fold the a-c edge (refer to  previous photo #4) on the left side over to meet the d-c edge

6.  fold the a-c edge on the right side over to meet the b-c edge

continue to make strong creases with the bone folder

7.  open the fold on the right side by placing your finger in the outer pocket

gently pull it open and then flatten it in it's new fold (#8)

This is when your sharp creases will pay off. It makes this step much easier! 

9.  repeat #7 and #8 so that both sides are now flattened open

10.  fold the tips down on both the left and right sides toward you as shown

11.  fold the left side in and the right side in • this fold will be easy because of previous sharp creases!

12.  join the left side to the right side

I've ONLY used a paperclip to hold it together for the photo

so DO NOT fold it or crease it here!

just join the two sides together

use hot glue to join them along the side where the paper clip is.

repeat all the steps above five more times to create a six petal flower

a pile of petals 

Gluing the petals together to make the flower

  1. a little hot glue on one side
  2. gently squeeze together • DO STEPS 1 AND 2 FOR ALL SIX PETALS
  3. a little hot glue on the outside
  4. attach another petal
  5. adding the third petal • press lightly keeping in mind that this is already half of your finished flower
  6. you can add the stem here or after your 4th or 5th petal, just squeeze a line of glue on the inside of the flower as shown and lay your stem in the glue • FINISH ADDING YOUR PETALS • SIX TOTAL
  7. Doesn't the bead look pretty in the center? Squeeze a dot of hot glue in the center
  8. gently press in the bead • make sure that the hole in the bead doesn't show!
  9. TA DAH!

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