inventory celebration!

I just finished my it's by design inventory.  Now we are one step closer to getting ready for tax time.  That is always a big weight lifted off of my shoulders.  Today while I finished up, I watched this weeks episode of Parenthood.  I LOVE that show!  It just may be my all around favorite TV show this season.  It's about, as you can probably guess, the dynamics of family.  I love that you get to see it from all sides, the kids, the young parents, the struggles of being a teenager and the struggles of parenting, all the way to the grandparents who are still parents too!  You ever think of that?  Just because you become a grandparent doesn't mean you don't stop being a parent.  I love how everyone learns from each other on this show and it's not easy.  It pretty much always chokes me up.  This episode ended with a song called Next Time by a guy named Meredith Bragg.  I couldn't find it available yet on itunes.  It looks like it will be coming out later this year.  So for now, click here to listen and enjoy.

Next Time by Meredith Bragg

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