when God gives you the perfect sky, take photos

So today it's in the upper 50's and I've got inventory to do in my 3rd floor studio.  My studio has a sky light so that's a plus.  But, it's really a great place to be when it's cold, even snowy.  Awww, the 3rd floor, the toastiest place in the house.

So rather than spend the entire day with a calculator and bins of supplies to count.  I grabbed whatever needed to be photographed and headed outside.  OK, so 56º wasn't as warm as I thought it would be and I chose today to air dry my thick locks (something I rarely do but enjoy the treat).  Since that takes hours, I flipped up the hood on my sweatshirt and carried on.

Even the slightest breeze wreaks havoc when trying to take detailed photos of jewelry, so I moved the shoot into the porch.

I use whatever is around for my props.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.  This time I had added help from two very old spools of string.  The string was always too shiny to actually hold a knot.  But, hold a pair of earrings?  or a necklace?  divine!  And flip a stone candle holder on its side and you've got another interesting background.

Now it's back to counting and perhaps some RDjr as Sherlock Holmes to keep me company!

Thank you Jesus for the sun!

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